Storage Tips

When renting a unit from us or any other storage facility, there are many ways to make not only storing but removal a much faster, simpler task. Here are some tips to save you much time and future aggravation.

Utilize your space wisely Get the most for your money by packing smart. If you’ve got dressers, wardrobes or any type of object which contains space, store other things within it.If you will be moving things often, keep everything accessible by not stacking too high or too deep.

Stack according to weight Heavy on bottom, light on top.

Label everything When storing smaller objects, use boxes for as much as you can and clearly mark every box and stack with all labels out.

Keeping Pests Out
Discourage spiders or other insects by placing dryer sheets in your couches, linens, and clothing.
Keep the leaning to a minimum
Try to keep everything standing on its own and not supported by walls or other boxes.

Venting Appliances
If you’re storing a refrigerator or freezer, vent it by placing something in between the door and the jamb. This keeps the mold and mildew away.

Be Insured
Rental insurance is an inexpensive security blanket. Check with your insurance agent on coverage and rates. Remember, whether you’re storing your belongings in our facility or another, you are responsible for any possible damage.